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So beautiful and calming and gentle.

Favorite February Things

Whole wheat chocolate chunk cookie dough

Flourishing house plants wrapped in tiny white lights

My daughter’s new friend Olivia

Curated collections

Early morning pilates

Watercolors by a 3-year-old that seem legitimately artistic (and lots of them)

Bubble baths

Chubby chunky baby thighs

My teenage sourdough starter—temperamental but maturing.

Undine Lost in the Danube by Arthur Rackham

Somebody drive me to JoAnn and buy me some crap.

I have to admit, I’m feeling a wee bit stuck. I don’t have a creative outlet right now, other than cooking. In that department, I check on my sourdough starter every couple hours, even though I know it’s not going to be ready for bread-baking until next week at the earliest.

A few nights ago, I spent an embarrassingly long time online trying to find interesting, tasteful cross stitch patterns (to no avail, except for one etsy shop—seriously, only one was not knick-knacky).

I have it in my head that I can learn to play the hammered dulcimer well enough to play Christmas carols for a crowd and/or at weddings.

No available cross stitch supplies and certainly no dulcimer. Ingredients for tabbouleh, but no desire to sit and chop parsley.

I do not like it when Ellary comes along and scribbles on the Dora page I am coloring with her new crayons.

So here I sit complaining, not sure what to do. I guess I’ll stare at my Christmas cactus, finally blooming and becoming beautiful again. I am green with envy.

This is one of my all-time favorite paintings. One steady brush stroke, so graphic and pristine.

It’s called “Winter Road” by Georgia O’Keeffe.

(As an aside, I haven’t looked at her paintings in awhile. Man, was she naughty.)

My last semester of college, I felt like I was coming into my own as a photographer. I had completely stopped taking documentaries or portraits. I was obsessed with creating photos that mimicked painting, and I started to just “paint” on the film with water and flashes of light. I guess I could have been an artist, if I’d had the determination.

I took this photo tonight (seven years later), moody November dusk. It made me think of Turner, and I like the modern element the porch lights add. I think if I were an artist, I would want my art to be impressionistic at the very very most. It would evoke a feeling before it was comprehended, but the comprehension would enhance the experience.

The girls and I took a nature walk today and hunted for treasures. Ellary was partial to pine needles. This photo turned out like an oil painting.

I have arms for bedtime hugs. And I’m terrible at math, but I can help with homework.

(via Proverbs 30:8)

Come by this little home, Jesus.

(photo by Shweppy)

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