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Time for Fall Food

For some reason, I’m all about the online challenges right now. I’m participating in the Maximize Your Mornings challenge at the Inspired to Action blog, through which I am being kept accountable to get up before my girls in the morning. I’ve also decided to participate in the Plan It, Don’t Panic challenge at Keeper of the Home, because I’ve wanted to get better at menu planning, and have completely fallen out of practice. So I’ll be posting some meal plans here for the next couple weeks. Feel free to be completely disinterested. I just find this kind of thing helps me get going when I’m in a rut.

photo by s.jillian

This week, I am making three recipes out of Heidi Swanson's Super Natural Everyday, which is probably my favorite cookbook. I won it in a giveaway in June and have since made at least fifteen of the recipes, but I’ve been waiting for cooler weather to make these three (Mon, Tues, Wed).

No official meals, just putting up Sally Fallon’s lacto-fermented salsa.

Cauliflower Soup

Warm Kale Salad with Toasted Coconut and Poached Eggs

Farro Soup


Spaghetti alla Carbonara from the Zuni Cafe Cookbook


Breakfasts will be banana chocolate chip muffins (with soaked kamut and oat flours), for as long as they last.

Lunches will be whatever I can scrounge together. My goal for next week is to be a bit more prepared for this meal.

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