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My last semester of college, I felt like I was coming into my own as a photographer. I had completely stopped taking documentaries or portraits. I was obsessed with creating photos that mimicked painting, and I started to just “paint” on the film with water and flashes of light. I guess I could have been an artist, if I’d had the determination.

I took this photo tonight (seven years later), moody November dusk. It made me think of Turner, and I like the modern element the porch lights add. I think if I were an artist, I would want my art to be impressionistic at the very very most. It would evoke a feeling before it was comprehended, but the comprehension would enhance the experience.

The girls and I took a nature walk today and hunted for treasures. Ellary was partial to pine needles. This photo turned out like an oil painting.

Time for Fall Food

For some reason, I’m all about the online challenges right now. I’m participating in the Maximize Your Mornings challenge at the Inspired to Action blog, through which I am being kept accountable to get up before my girls in the morning. I’ve also decided to participate in the Plan It, Don’t Panic challenge at Keeper of the Home, because I’ve wanted to get better at menu planning, and have completely fallen out of practice. So I’ll be posting some meal plans here for the next couple weeks. Feel free to be completely disinterested. I just find this kind of thing helps me get going when I’m in a rut.

photo by s.jillian

This week, I am making three recipes out of Heidi Swanson's Super Natural Everyday, which is probably my favorite cookbook. I won it in a giveaway in June and have since made at least fifteen of the recipes, but I’ve been waiting for cooler weather to make these three (Mon, Tues, Wed).

No official meals, just putting up Sally Fallon’s lacto-fermented salsa.

Cauliflower Soup

Warm Kale Salad with Toasted Coconut and Poached Eggs

Farro Soup


Spaghetti alla Carbonara from the Zuni Cafe Cookbook


Breakfasts will be banana chocolate chip muffins (with soaked kamut and oat flours), for as long as they last.

Lunches will be whatever I can scrounge together. My goal for next week is to be a bit more prepared for this meal.

My Milennial

I reached the 1000 gifts goal, and on my birthday no less!  My journal is full to bursting, with only four pages left.  It took me a year, but I went from fall to fall, which is fitting because gratefulness seems to come more naturally this time of year. 


Baby steps in yoga. 


Help in my weak moments and enough energy for the day.


Ellary playing sweetly at the playground, watching the big kids run by.


Being on mission in my life and marriage and family.  Walking by faith and knowing that God is good.


Tomato tart with goat cheese, leeks and thyme.




Candles lit; blankets draped.


The discipline of gratitude; it has taught me to trust the LORD. 

holy experience

(photo by AmyZZZ1)



Fresh motivation for a long week ahead.


Anticipation of rest and a change of pace coming up.


The last issue of Gourmet and a bunch of children’s Christmas books checked out from the library.


Bare trees; gray skies.  The November I know and love.

holy experience

Little Girl

I’m walking on the sidewalk under golden shade as school lets out. Half a block behind me, a little girl follows. I first notice she’s there, because her shoes scuff the sidewalk with every step. She shuffles along, heading for home.

I approach the crossing guard, brilliant and orange. She smiles at me first, then looks back and calls the little girl by name. We part ways here, as the little girl steps into the street and the crossing guard plants herself firmly in the intersection, poised with her STOP sign. The streets are empty in every direction.

The guard is silent and smiling, her only job to protect. This little girl’s life is extravagant beauty, infinite worth. The drawings and pencils in her backpack, the color of her shoes, her thoughts of home—defend and shelter them. This is one little girl in the universe, and she is crossing the street.

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